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Prof. Nur Kirabaev, First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for Research

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Russia)

Presentation topic: Dialogue of cultures: challenges of globalization (experience of philosophical analysis)


Prof. Tatiana Leshkevich 

South Federal University, Department of General and Educational Psychology (Russia)

Presentation topic: Models of personal semantic regulation in the digital age


Prof. Wen-Sheng Wang

National Chengchi University, Department of Philosophy (Taiwan)

Presentation topic: Existential Phenomena as In-Between or Facticity:

Theoretical and practical research regarding the human lifespan


Le Thi Hong Phuong

Center for Contemporary Religious Studies

Vietnam National University (Vietnam)

May K Yes

Department of Philosophy of the Vietnamese National

university (Vietnam)

Presentation topic: Specificity of Buddhist morality in the context of Vietnamese culture


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